Find your lost item !

Use the subconscious mind

Is it lost for good? Maybe not ...

Each of us has misplaced something - the key to a special box, an important paper, an expensive ring. We know we had it, then suddenly can't find it.... panic, frantic searching, all kinds of effort to locate it again. Sometimes we are successful, other times not. And often the item shows up in the strangest place, maybe a place we never would have normally thought of looking.

Other times we are not so lucky, and the item stays lost. What now? Are we to give up - never to see it again? The good news is that we may have hidden the memory of putting it away. This means that it is quite possible we can recall that memory again. Some actions we take are "automatic" where our conscious mind never really registers what we've done. Setting down a key or a ring while we're busy talking with someone else, on the phone, or just in a real big hurry may not become a conscious memory because the action is pushed out by the other activity.

Hypnosis helps us to remember....

It can be very hard to remember a small detail when we are anxiously searching, when we are very concerned about the item, and when we are (or someone else is) pressuring ourselves to find it NOW! It is quite likely that the memory has been stored by our subconscious mind. If so, hypnosis is an excellent tool to access that buried memory. We get our mind quiet, and then focus completely on the item, and on the details leading up to its loss or misplacement. Often, a client under hypnosis trying to remember where an item was placed will suddenly exclaim "I know where it is!" That buried memory has been brought to the surface.

Other considerations

A lost item isn't always due to our putting it someplace and then forgetting where. Someone else may have moved the item when we weren't around, or they may have taken it away - or it may have been stolen! Also, sometimes things fall out of bags or pockets when we can't possibly have seen, felt, or heard it happen. In those cases there won't be a hidden memory. But we can, when in hypnosis, retrace our steps and possibly identify the last place we were or remember who was around us before the object went missing.

Give it a try

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